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We are proud to release the ProPress Blogger Template as a free download. ProPress features a popping navigation menu in the header as well a 3 column footer.

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Blog Platform: Blogger
Designed by: TheBlogTemplates
Features: , , ,

The Read More Feature

To use the “Read More” Function for this template just put everything you want to “hide” between the following lines:
<span class="fullpost"> </span>
This is the part that will show up on the main page <span class="fullpost"> and this part will be hidden. </span>

Links in the Footer

If you choose to place links in the footer section make sure to put a list tag around each link.
<li>Link Code</li>
<li><a href="" mce_href="">Black Google</a></li>

The Subscribe and Follow Widget

Go to Layout and then click “Add a Gadget” in the sidebar. Add an “HTML/JavaScript” gadget and paste in the following code:
<div id="stats"> <p><a class="rss" href="" mce_href="" title="Subscribe via RSS">RSS</a><br /> <a class="twitter" href="" mce_href="" title="Follow Us on Twitter">Twitter</a><br /> <a class="youtube" href="" mce_href="" title="Join Our Youtube Community">uTube</a><br /> <a class="email" href="" mce_href="" title="Subscribe to Email Updates">Email</a></p> </div>

If you need any further help customizing the template, leave a comment below and we’ll be glad to help!

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100 Responses to this template.

  1. wowpinoyrecipes

    there was a glitch on the read more! but i got to fix it coz this is the template i’ve been looking for.. ty!

  2. TheBlogTemplates™

    please describe the glitch that you are having trouble with. I viewed your blog and found that the “read more” function is working properly.


  3. ajdpadbury

    Great template! The problem I have is how to configure the Subscribe and Follow widget, there are no icons when I downloaded it.

  4. TheBlogTemplates™

    I have updated the post with instructions on how to implement the “Subsribe and Follow” widget. Hopefully this solves the problem.

  5. ajdpadbury

    Thanks but the icons still do not appear, only the text.

  6. ajdpadbury

    I have also just noticed the Stay Connected icons are not there also, please can you tell me how to configure this too.

  7. LillaBi

    My readmore doesn´t work properly. I can´t hide my text… What I do for wrong?

  8. TheBlogTemplates™

    I viewed your template but you are not currently using ProPress. I would be glad to help!

  9. Tatum Wang

    I want to put a big head background pic which is much more bigger than 100px, how can I adjust the height of head?
    Ur, there is one question: How can I make a subscribe widget like the one in live demo?
    thanks so much in advance.

  10. TheBlogTemplates™

    Tatum Wang,
    You will need to edit the background image located under the body tag in the css. Then you will need to change the height of the header-wrapper to match the height of the background image.

    Also, I have the instructions on creating the subscribe widget in the post up above.

  11. daryl

    hi can i ask how can you edit the author’s comment so that it stands out from the others?

  12. TheBlogTemplates™

    Here is a tutorial by Amanda Fazani on How to Highlight Author Comments in the blogger template. If you have any trouble applying this to your template please let us know!

  13. asep canda

    mantap mang templatena keren keren

  14. fikrinne

    wonderfull thanks

  15. TheBlogTemplates™

    terima kasih asep canda !

  16. Catherine

    I like this template and I’m testing it before uploading to replace an existing template.

    Here are my problem: — The Read More in the Post Body Menu refuses to be deleted. Whenever I place the cursor in the dialog box to edit it, the text disappears.

  17. John

    Hey,how do i change the color of the bottom?The blue color box at the bottom with featured content,Popular posts…


  18. MST

    Nice template, congratulations for this geat job that u did for us.


    It’s possible to have it in a RED version ?

    Thanks to consider my request.


  19. TheBlogTemplates™

    In order to change the color of the footer, search for the following code:
    Change the number 034161 to a different HTML color code. You can find new color codes HERE.

    As of now we do not have a red version of this template. Although, we may release a red propress sometime in the near future. And of course you are welcome to to edit the background images your self in an image editor.

  20. Bobert

    This is the good stuff!

  21. Suzanne Jackson

    I just spent a month planning my logo, tweaking my template etc. for my blog. Then I saw this template and had to have it. It’s wonderful, totally worth all the work I’m going to have to re-do.
    Thank you , Suzanne Jackson

  22. John

    Thanks alot.Anyway is there something wrong with Read more?I tried with the code at the top,however i couldn’t summaries it.Is there a way to remove read more to make it full post ? thanks!

  23. David Aragon

    It’s a really beautiful Template. I already knew the wordpress version. I have one suggestion for you, u did such a great job, why don’t make it even better by adding the new blogger avatar feature on the comment section? It would really be something.

    Best regards from Brazil!

  24. John Morgan

    @David Aragon

    thanks for the suggestion. we will try to add the new blogger avatar feature soon!

  25. wowpinoyrecipes

    Yes it worked properly after i fixed it. I had to change the code for the “Read More” and put the code that’s from blogspot so it would recognize the preformatted code for it. What happened is that there would be two “Read Mores” if I use Jump Break in the Compose mode in blogspot.

  26. Terri

    I love this template! Just what I’ve been looking for.

    I’d like to remove the Tweeters and Twitters and Stumbles and Diggs and also the Related Posts from the individual posts. How can I do that?

  27. Terri

    Another question: The span=full post is not working for me. I’d like to completely remove the Read More text and have each post fully show on the main page – how can I do that?

  28. Terri

    One more question: I can edit my layout from the page, but can’t get to edit posts or the Blogger dashboard unless I go through one of my other blogs. Suggestions?

  29. wowpinoyrecipes

    by the way, i forgot to mention that the doesn’t work and there would be “read more” at the bottom even if all the post is displayed.

  30. TheBlogTemplates™

    @Iman Yusef-Yahya

    In order to change the navigation menu go to the blogger dashboard. Next go to Layout>Edit HTML and hit “Ctrl” + “f” on your keyboard to search for the term “premium blogger templates”. Change this name to any desired title.

  31. Iman Yusef-Yahya

    Hello there,

    I downloaded this theme to use on my site. Uploaded, but it shows up as a wordpress theme. Can this be used on a site, and if so, how???

    Thank you,


  32. Iman Yusef-Yahya

    I now have it installed. The problem I am having now is the tabs on my blog all have to do with your site – premium blogger templates, blog templates, blog hacks, etc. How o I change these things??

  33. Iman Yusef-Yahya

    Thanks for your quick response. I was able to figure out both questions eventually.

    Now that I have this blog template, when someone goes to post a comment on the blog, it shoes the captcha word, but the box is not visible – how can I correct that?

    Also, how do I arrange both the RSS, Twitter and email icons (follow and subscribe) and anchor text the way that you do for your site?

  34. corey

    Great template, just the nice clean touch I was looking for. I haven’t run into any problems yet, but glad to hear what is causing problems for others is being helped fix right here. Thanks!

  35. naser

    how to edit title like

    Home – Blog Templates – etc

    and to link it to my pages

  36. TheBlogTemplates™

    In order to change the navigation menu, you need to go to the blogger dashboard. Next go to Layout>Edit HTML and hit “Ctrl” + “f” on your keyboard to search for the term “premium blogger templates”. Change this name to any desired title. Next go to where it says href=’’, and change this to another website URL.

  37. Iman Yusef-Yahya

    Not sure if you saw my last question, so I am posting it again: How do I arrange both the RSS, Twitter and email icons (follow and subscribe) and anchor text the way that you do for your site?

  38. corey

    I ran into a bit of a problem, I started a contest a few days ago for readers to win google wave invites, two ways to win, comment on posts or tweet the contest and post a link in the comments, well a few days passed with no comments before I got an email informing me the comment box wasn’t working, I logged off and tried it, the captcha would show the words, but the box to type them into was cut off, so there was no way to leave a comment…I was forced to swap templates untill this is resolved, I can set it up on a test blog just for showing sake if needed, I was thinking about it so I could try to fix it but I only know a little html and no css so this would definately be a learning experience for me

  39. Iman Yusef-Yahya

    I posted this about a week ago, but I didn’t receive a response, so I am posting it again:

    Now that I have this blog template, when someone goes to post a comment on the blog, it shoes the captcha word, but the box is not visible – how can I correct that?

    Also, how do I arrange both the RSS, Twitter and email icons (follow and subscribe) and anchor text the way that you do for your site?


    Helow well..thanks

  41. Nohel Shah

    Hi Nice Templates! Thanks

  42. Mr.Hyd

    Hi. awesome template, But i cant able to fix the “subscribe & follow” icons :((

    Ur quick reply will be very helpful :-)

    Thnx in advance…

  43. sriram

    thanks for this theme.

  44. manu

    great template..this is the on i`ve been looking for..

  45. lee

    What am I doing wrong here? I’ve been using blogger blogspot for several months and on ocassion have attempted changing templates using ones like this propress etc. Each time here is the error message I get –Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Content is not allowed in prolog.–
    When I save it it saves in a zip folder is this the problem and if so how do I fix it ? Either way any and all help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

  46. TheBlogTemplates™

    You need to right click on the zip file and click on “uncompress” or something along those lines. Then upload the .xml file to blogger.

  47. sanjeev khatoi

    need ur help guyz!!!
    actually im using a gamezine template and wanted a (Featured Content, Popular Posts, Stay Connected, Resources and Tools, Other Sites to Enjoy, Recent Comments. )section @bottom of my blog same as the below mentioned blog :


    my blog url:

    would be glad if u can help me with dis… thanx a ton !!!

  48. Deborah

    Hi John – Great template and I can’t wait to start my next blog to use it. Question: On my current blog I added an html widget and pasted in your script above for the subscribe and follow and the pics are not included as in this template. Can you tell me how to get those in? Also, I’m just assuming that I replace my info for yours in the script.

    Thanks for your help with this.

  49. Rethnaraj


    I found this piece of code in the blog template.

    <div id=’adsense-wrapper’>
    <div id=’adsense-inner’>

    what is that for?

  50. TheBlogTemplates™

    You may delete this code. It will do no harm to the template!

  51. Robbie

    I am having aissues getting the icons to show up in the follow box.
    I have inserted the code as example but the links with no icons show.
    Any Suggestions?

  52. Melinda

    Hi Pro,
    Is it possible if we want to add banner on the top right header. The ad siz is 468×60.

    Hopefully you can help.

    Thanks Pro

  53. John Morgan


    you will need to crop down the logo image and create a new dic to sit in the top right of the header. Then style it with CSS.

    Hope that helps…

  54. Terri

    I would like to eliminate the Read More feature completely. I’ve tried deleting some of the code but it just changes the text/link position so far. Can you help please?

  55. martin

    hi, am trying to edit the span code so that my articles can be smaller and so that i can use the read more function but it doesnt seem to be working, how do i go about it?

  56. John Morgan


    do you want the article text to be smaller vertically or horizontally?

  57. lyle

    Thanks for the great template. Just one quick question how can I change the menu tabs to reflect (edit them with my tabs)

  58. John Morgan


    edit the categories or hard code the links into the html of the template.

  59. Blogdude


    Where can I find the icons Twitter, Youtube, etc at the right?

    When I copy paste the html text, I can not fin the pictures.


  60. John Morgan


    it may be easiest to just right click the ones on the demo page and save them to your computer. then upload to a server to be used on your blog.

    Good luck!

  61. orbicurry

    It’s really well done! Respect to author.

  62. interested


    Thank you for this amazing template but I want add banner 468×60 on the top right header. I have tried some hacks but it doesn’t work. Can you help me ?

  63. jpamorgan


    you will need to crop the logo (and slogan). then make a new div and style it with CSS. let us know if you need more help

  64. Interested

    Can you creat a tuto to help us because I am a newbie in CSS and XHTML

  65. John Morgan


    we will try to make a video tutorial as soon as we get a chance.

  66. Interested

    Thanks John for this good job

  67. ZoneCartoons

    Nice them ! Thank you!

  68. Matheus

    I am Brazilian (this message was translated into English)
    wanted to know how do to change the links to related articles with images (eg
    And how to change those sharers prlo image?

    Site I saw:

  69. themelive

    beautiful design…!. Good job..visit my website @, thanks..

  70. Supreme

    How do I change the header?

  71. filipinorecipesblog

    Hi, I was the first to comment here but changed url. Anyways, how do I change or add “Related Posts”? Thanks.

  72. guy1111

    First, thanks for giving it away for free. secondly, the subscribe and follow widget doesn’t show the RSS and Email icon (both on your example and on our blog). Please me know how I can fix it. Thx!

  73. Khadeer

    Excellent theme, can you share as it is theme for my blog, please send it to my email id:

    Here is my blog: still working of modifying some more areas to looks like your theme….but it is taking more time

  74. The Boznev

    HOw do you put adsense ads between the title and the post in this template?

  75. speak_english

    I’m very upset, how can I get the “related posts” working on the propress template??

    Give me the answer RIGHT NOW at!!!! (heu heu please!!)

  76. James Morgan

    hey @speak_english,
    Here is a tutorial on how to implement the related posts widgets.

  77. Guatila

    Hola, necesito los JAVASCRIPTS … no funcionan

  78. Guatila


  79. Charan

    I find it hard to find a nice template for my website

  80. Zoso

    Great template! Thanks a lot!

  81. zhael

    how can i have a widget code for facebook at subscribe and follow me?

  82. zhael

    I still didn’t get it. I don’t know how to use the Read More feature.

  83. Auramsen

    Here it is! A beautiful theme again? GREAT …
    Thanks a lot

  84. coolieboy

    hi i have a little problem. i was just wondering if we should change the meta description
    this is what the template has:
    META CONTENT=’Free Blogger Template by and’ NAME=’Description’

  85. Neeraj

    its great dude………….

  86. Tissa

    I’ve been enjoying this template for one year.. Hence thank you very much …
    I have one major issue.. I have added several pages to my site but could not enable comments on those pages…
    How to fix this…?

  87. Pr. Aldenir Araújo

    This template is amazing. Congrats.

  88. vishnu

    1. How to show related posts?
    2. How to add adsense code at the top

  89. Rajesh

    Thanks for the wonderful template. This was the easiest transition I have ever done while moving to newer templates. I would recommend this template for ease of using and its simplicity yet powerful appeal.

  90. sareneeru

    Nice template i will definitely use it……thanx

  91. Hanif @ DBHMUSIC

    Related Posts not working in my site.
    please check this problem!

  92. ViaMurka

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  93. Deepak

    Thanks, very good template

  94. laq

    Thank you for the great template. But I still want to customize it a little bit. Is there any way I can increase the width of the post column a bit more, and reduce the left margin when I post a picture?

  95. laq

    An other question. I want to remove the readmore part at the end of my post to, because when I put a page break into my post, then there would appear two readmore link at the bottom.

  96. Sidney Suzuki

    Can you publish the design of your blog page? I actually would truly like to have it

  97. Tissa

    I have been using this great template for years and many thanks!!!

    Now I need help – how to enable page comments??? Please help

  98. razugurunz

    thanx for propress i mean this template its a great template but i want to change the heading section color to green is that possible…

  99. Nosa

    This is the template I am using, Nice one..

    My only issue is that you should have kept the attribution at the footer, and not sidebar.. eitherway, Nice and thanks for sharing

  100. incense stick

    Very great post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog
    and wished to say that I have really loved browsing your blog posts.
    After all I will be subscribing on your rss feed and I’m hoping you write once more soon!

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